We believe that our future will be as inspiring, as progressive and as distinctive as our history.


Powertrains and technologies have changed significantly over our first 100 years but new innovations don’t have to mean a loss of identity. This is an opportunity to intensify our identity. The powerful, modern British design is instantly recognisable as a Bentley. Sculpted, taut surfacing, precise feature lines and handcrafted detailing are hallmarks that we will continue to enhance and evolve. Our iconic bloodline is translated into perfectly balanced proportions.


Exceptional, sustainable materials are seamlessly fused with tailored technology throughout the car, providing effortless interaction between human and machine. Exquisitely hand-embroidered fabrics enclose delicate fibre-optics, bringing their patterns alive after dark.


We believe innovation should always keep human experience, and respect for the world, at its forefront. Innovation should be purposeful and intuitive, but never overcomplicated. EXP 100 GT uses Artificial Intelligence to predict human emotions and behaviour, learning from every journey to make the next one even more intuitive. It creates and curates these personal experiences.

Ultimate flexibility allows you to configure the cabin to your needs, switching between two and four seat configurations depending on your journey, and creating a personalised space where you can relax, socialise or be entertained or enjoy a fully engaged, driving experience.


This is an electric Bentley that is as powerful and exciting as any of its conventional predecessors. Four electric motors enable maximum control via torque vectoring, while the Next Generation Traction Drive applies 50% more power, with 35% less mass as you sweep around the curves of the road.

Luxury Services

A spectrum of innovative services will make every journey productive or enjoyable, inside and outside the vehicle. Like a personalised concierge who will ensure your favourite items are delivered and stored in the car ready for every occasion. Souvenirs from each journey can be captured by the car and woven into your private AI memory library, to relive in the future. Smart glass displays allow you to relax with your children the next, engaging them with live educational content explaining the passing cloud formations they can see above them, or real-time health and well-being monitoring and feedback. A range of bespoke services relevant to your life.

Many of these technologies are available now or in the next five years but some need to be created! We want to collaborate to bring the Bentley EXP 100 GT to life. We want to nurture and champion emerging innovators, simultaneously launching new ideas and careers. The future of Bentley and our customers’ values are symbiotically linked: uncompromising luxury and quality; driver and passenger wellbeing; luxury services and experiences. It is positive impact and inspiring generations. It is extraordinary journeys.

We are proud to share our vision of the future with you today; a future that takes the best of our last hundred years and all the opportunities of the next and turns them into action.